MAURICE, La. (KLFY)- Sidney Savoie never met Dawn Hebert before. 

He worked for her extended family and over heard her story.

“I wasn’t even part of the conversation,” Savoie said. “By God’s providence I heard it, so I started thinking I donate blood, I’m O negative, anyone can receive my blood, maybe anyone receive my kidney.”

Hebert has Crohn’s disease and 5 percent kidney function. She undergoes dialysis three times a week She’s been on the donor list for the past five year. 

 “Most of my day, at least the first half of the day, is spent sleeping, resting, just not a lot of energy,” said Hebert. 

Back in May, Dawn’s body filled with toxins. She stayed in the hospital for 10 days. Her family says they were afraid for her life. 

And that’s the conversation Sidney overheard. He stepped in, saying he would donate his kidney.

“They kind of looked at me and said are you for real? They said why do you want to do this. Because she needs it. It was as simple as that,” he said.

“This was a blessing,” Hebert said. “It’s the biggest blessing I’ve ever gotten besides my husband and my children. I don’t even have the words to express the gratitude of what it takes to be that selfless to want to help someone out.” 

Now they’re waiting on Sidney’s final test results to come back. They should be able to schedule the surgery in about a month. 

And for the Hebert family, they say Sidney is now part of theirs.  

 “Through this experience, hopefully I not only gain the kidney that I need but a brother I’ve never had,” Hebert said.

And Savoie said he’s just fine with that. 

“The more family you have, the more community that you have, the richer your life is,” he said. “I feel lucky. I think I’m the lucky one out of this whole deal.”

The family is inviting the public to a fundraiser event featuring live music, plate lunches, a pumpkin patch and more on Oct. 28 in Abbeville.