Over $43,000 has been spent in Iberia Parish responding to false alarms


The Iberia Parish Council has tabled their false alarm ordinance.

The council is working to reduce the number of false burglar alarm calls coming from businesses. 

The Iberia Parish sheriff’s department tells News Ten they have responded to over 2,000 false calls from both businesses and homes this year.

Over $43,000 was spent on manpower alone responding to false burglary alarm calls. 

“You’re talking $43,000 in salary, it’s not benefits, it’s not the dispatchers Have to take the calls. It’s just kind of a cascade,” says Wendell Raborn with the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Department. 

Of the 2,000 alarm calls made this year Raborn says .9% of the time it’s actually a burglary in process. 

“Regular working day or night shift an alarm goes off and you have to consider it to be a burglary in progress, so you have to respond like that,” says Raborn. 

One of the main problems the department is facing is getting in touch with keyholders once they do find a false alarm has been triggered.

His advice to homeowners with alarms is to share contact information with your local department. 

Lafayette has an ordinance in place that holds homeowners accountable.

For alarmed homeowners, you get three free false alarm calls each year.

Anywhere from 4 to 9 calls, you receive a $25 fine.

A $50 fine is placed for false calls 10 through 20.

After 20 class the Lafayette Police Department may no longer respond.

Raborn says this kind of ordinance is something the department has asked for in the past.

He says if parish or city government would issue this kind of ordinance the department would be behind them. 


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