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Ousted Superintendent of St. Martin Parish Schools says lawyer is working on resolution


The lawyer for the ousted superintendent of St. Martin Parish Schools says they should have a decision on whether to proceed with the lawsuit by the end of the week.

Last week, the former superintendent’s contract was terminated by the board with a 6-4 vote.

On Tuesday, in executive session, it was decided that the board and Beebe will try to resolve her termination without a lawsuit. 

Those on the St. Martin Parish school board members who voted to terminate Dr. Beebe’s contract say the school system was not moving in the right direction, while Dr. Beebe says her termination was strictly political.

News Ten spoke to residents who say this turmoil within the administration must be resolved for the student’s sake. 

“You have to think about the children before you think about your personal feelings about an individual or how they are doing something,” says Rosann Williford. 

Both of Williford’s daughters went to public school in St. Marin Parish.

She says, “I’m an outsider who came to this community 30 years ago, I had trouble getting my children into French Emerson because we didn’t have a last name and they didn’t know who I was When Mrs. Beebe Took over a superintendent the quality of education got better.”

The school board members who voted against Beebe say they didn’t like the direction the school system was heading. 

“I think she’s done a great job and bringing our education system up, it’s not happening as fast as we want to but with the requirements we have from the state, and federal interest today are really, their hands are tied,” says Roland Hebert, a former board president. 

He adds: “You didn’t agree 100%, but you have to give in to what is the best for the school system, what is the best for education, what’s the best for quality education.” He says what’s happening with the administration now isn’t good for the parish. “You’re creating a divided parish. You have people that support Lottie and people who don’t support her and that’s wrong. They have created a vacuum,” says Hebert. 

Dr. Beebe’s lawyer tells News Ten they are still working on the resolution and they believe the matter can be settled.

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