(KLFY)- Donors are needed as the blood supply at Our Lady of Lourdes Blood Center remains critical.

Supervisor of the Blood Center, Suzy Picard, continues, “There is no cushion. Hospitals have levels: green, yellow red. We are at the red, none in stock.”

According to Picard, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused blood drives to scale back how donations are accepted or completely cancel drives all together.

“We need people to be aware that where there is a bus please visit or come into the center. We have stayed open,” adds Picard.

The Blood Center, Picard adds, follows and maintain all CDC guidelines and visitor protocols.

“We are disinfecting with more frequency than necessary. We are doing everything we can. The biggest risk right now, is not having blood,” Picard explains.

Michael Hamner, a blood donor for two decades, says this is just one way he hopes to give back to those most in need.

“Everybody needs blood. Everybody has to do their part,” says Hamner.

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