Opelousas opens water bill drive-thru


The city of Opelousas launched their water bill drive-thru at City Hall.

Rod Sias is the Chief Administrative Officer of Opelousas.

He says the water bill drive-thru took over $120,000 dollars to complete, mainly as a result of new equipment.

“People drive around in their cars with their bills so if there is a drop box there that they can drop it off so we can basically collect that money,” says Sias.

There are two ways of going about paying through the drive-thru.

First, coming during regular hours where you can deposit your bill where it is then processed through a tube on the other side.

The other option is making your way over to the face-to-face interaction which also allows you to deposit your bill at any time or after hours.

Much of the reason for the drive-thru is demand from older customers.

“It’s hard for them to get out of their vehicles. Sometimes they become short of breath, take a little sit down and break before they come up to the window,” says drive-thru worker Yosha Payne.

“Elderly people have a routine. They might not necessarily be part of the digital age and they are used to doing it a certain way but this is an option,” says Sias.

Sias says customers should be able to pay online also by the end of this month or next.

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