ST. LANDRY PARISH, La. (KLFY) Evangeline Downs will be in court Friday to ensure that an injunction stays in place.

A group of horse trainers from the New Orleans Fairgrounds are scheduled to come to the St. Landry Parish facility.

Evangeline Downs says now is not the time and Opelousas city leaders agree.

Boyd Gaming spokesperson, David Strow says it simply comes down to the health and safety for both Evangeline Downs team members and the local community. 

Boyd Gaming is the owners and operators of Evangeline Downs.

“Given the current situation. Given the governors current stay at home order that  its inappropriate to be bringing additional horses and additional trainers into Evangeline Downs and the community at the present time.”

The mayor of Opelousas, Julius Alsandor steps up to explain why.  Alsandor says now is not the time. 

“Many of the cases the State of Louisiana is experiencing right now they’re in New Orleans.  So as the mayor of the City of Opelousas representing the citizens here I just feel the timing is not right and the circumstances supports the timing.”

Louisiana State Representative Dustin Miller of Opelousas says the  local hospitals don’t need that added strain of having to possible treat more cases of COVID 19 outside of people who live in the city.

“We need some type of quarantine process before we just take those individuals right now,” Miller said.

“They are here for normally five to six months when they are here; but now is not the time for this to take place,” the mayor added.