Notre Dame student describes experience as shots ring out near football stadium


Police are investigating two separate shootings in Crowley Friday night. 

The Notre Dame vs. Newman game at Gardiner Memorial Stadium in Crowley was delayed for 20 minutes after spectators heard several gunshots fired. 

One Notre Dame student who was at the game shares what happened. 

Crowley Police Chief Jimmy Broussard says they received multiple reports of people hearing gun shots in different locations during the football game. 

Reports came in that shots were heard about six or seven blocks away from the stadium. 

Natalie Thomas, a Notre Dame High School student, was in the stands and recalls her experience. 

“We were just sitting in the stands and the first round had went off and it sounded like fireworks. To me, that’s what it sounded like, and then about two minutes later they had cops flying past us and then about maybe four minutes later we heard another round, like a whole full round, and that’s when we seen players running off of the field,” adds Natalie. 

Natalie says when she saw the heavy police presence and heard more gun shots, she knew it wasn’t fireworks. 

“I was a little bit scared but I knew that I was going to be okay because it was far and they also had cops that came and like guarded each side of the stadium to make sure no one was over there so I felt okay,” explains Natalie. 

As for the fans of Newman… 

Natalie says, “Every single person in the stadium just ran into the buses. We didn’t see anyone. All the players were running faster than the Notre Dame players but I mean obviously they weren’t expecting that.” 

Crowley Police could not locate anyone involved in the reports of shots fired, and the football game resumed with about 11 minutes left. 

“It was something that I knew I could handle because it was far. The cops were around and I knew it was going to be okay,” says Natalie.

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