North Lafayette mother says she fears crime-ridden neighborhood


For three years, Dianne Chapman and her son have lived in the East Pine Street neighborhood.

She tells News 10 they do not feel safe in their own home because of loud activity from across the street.

Chapman says, “I have a handicapped son. He is bedridden. He doesn’t walk, he doesn’t talk so every time they come right here and play music or talk loud or cut up like they are in a club; it scares him. There is no respect for people anymore and that’s sad.”

Chapman wants the loud noise and violence from Ramsey’s Carwash across the street to end so her son can feel safe and at ease.

She says one night a drive-by shooting scared her and her child.

“The bullet hit the frame of the house and came in the house and hit my sofa. My sofa stopped the bullets; it also broke the window of my car,” Chapman explains.

She is receiving death threats because she is calling the police about the problem.

Chapman adds, “They told me to watch myself because they were trying to evict me out of here and they were trying to get someone to kill me and my child, since I started calling the police.”

Chapman says she is not afraid and will do everything to protect her family.

“I always have a gun on me. I’m always going to protect myself. I’m going to protect my son too,” Chapman says.

Chapman tells News 10 Lafayette Police Department does respond to her phone calls but she believes more can be done to rectify situations.

Police tell News 10 there are cameras located across the street from the carwash.

They are in the process of looking through the footage to address the situation in that neighborhood.

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