Only three practices in Louisiana are using a new product for fracture care and one of the locations is in Acadiana.

OsteoFX is a cast is distributed by a company based in Pennsylvania but is still only used in select offices. Dr. Seth Rosenzweig, who practices Orthopedics and sports medicine in New Iberia started using this lightweight, water resistant cast on patients about four months ago.

Dr. Rosenzweig says this is ideal for patients that really want to be on the go, play sports and want to get in the water.

OsteoFX is made from a synthetic material like polyurethane and polyethylene which makes it waterproof. The cast has great elasticity and is also breathable.

Dr. Rosenzweig tells KLFY’s Brook Silverang that OsteoFx provides a lot of the strength that comes from fiberglass or plaster, but it provides the functionality of something that can be used in an outdoor setting.

However, this cast is only used for certain fractures that are more stable and that can heal quickly. Because of this, OsteoFx is the go-to cast for children.

Dr. Rosenzweig added that children like this cast a lot more because it’s a lot less bulky and they can get in the water right away and not worry about mold and fungus. It dries quickly and does not have to be replaced over and over making it more cost effective than traditional cast. It is also quick to apply, but removed the same way as a regular fiberglass cast.