Whether it’s concussions, back pain or neuropathy,

Chiropractic Physician Dr. Chris Cormier is using infrared light to get the body back into working order.

“Our nerves are using infrared light as power. When we find a weak nerve, we have certain techniques that we do with light to give power back in to a weak nerve.”

Dr. Cormier uses both small and large lasers, saying the infrared light helps restore power nerves can lose over time. 

“You go through life and your brain will lose power to a certain part. if i pick my fingers up here, my brain is sending power. But if I pick them up here, it’s a small amount of power. if I put resistance, it’s much more power being required.”

Oil and gas worker and football coach Rusty Noel sends his football players with concussions for nerve rehabilitation.

He’s also gone himself after fracturing his skull on the job. 

“i knew instantly something was wrong. I couldn’t hear. My sight was completely gone. I couldn’t smell or taste. I was losing all my senses.”

Noel went to a local hospital as well and after two infrared light treatments, he says all of his senses came back.

“By Monday I was back at work, full speed. Regular doctors are telling me no you need to be in a dark room, no tv, no sound, you’ve got one of the worst concussions we’ve ever seen.”

Dancer Stefani Domingue experienced back pain so painful, she couldn’t dance let alone sit in a chair.

After four months of treatment, she says she found some relief.

“He’s finding more and more nerves that may have been turned off and he’s turning them back on. It’s leading to my back pain being less.”

Dr. Cormier says people may be skeptical of this alternative treatment, but he says nerve rehabilitation is a way manage pain naturally. 

“We never say people don’t need injections or surgery or prescriptions or anything like that. but we do want to get the body where it self heals and it does what it’s designed to do. your body self heals the best when your brain stays connected to your parts.”

In Lafayette, Megan Kelly, KLFY News 10.