BROUSSARD, La. (KLFY) – The Acadiana Planning Commission is studying the idea of building a roundabout at La Neuville and Bonin Roads in Broussard.

The intersection is currently a four way stop.

“It is a very congested intersection,” said Deidra Druilhet, the Acadiana Planning Commission Communications Director.

She said the traffic really backs up during the morning and afternoon commutes. The worst back-ups happen when school is in session.

She said planners want to improve congestion and the flow of traffic.

“Believe it or not, a signal isn’t the answer all the time, it could actually do more harm than good,” Druilhet said.

“By installing a roundabout, it allows that traffic to move through that intersection, without necessarily stopping.”

Drivers from Broussard, Lafayette, and Youngsville use La Neuville and Bonin Roads all the time.

“You’ve got a lot of new residential areas that are popping up, lot of new businesses that are coming up as well,” Druilhet said.

The Acadiana Planning Commission said engineering work for the project should begin sometime this year.

The engineering study will determine the estimated cost. The money to pay for the project hasn’t been identified yet, but it will come from a mix of state and local funds.

The Acadiana Planning Commission said it’s always looking at ways to improve traffic flow. The engineering study should take about a year to complete.