New Iberia man living in Spain self-quarantines following coronavirus diagnosis


MADRID, Spain (KLFY) A New Iberia man living in Spain is self-quarantining after doctors diagnosed him with Coronavirus.

Marcus Cormier, 23, grew up in New Iberia and moved to Spain two years ago to teach English.

Last week, doctors told him he had coronavirus.

“I’m just grateful to be alive,” Cormier said.

He says his symptoms started last Monday, when he experienced headaches and fever.

He thought it was allergies, but things got worse the next day.

“That’s when the shortness of breathe began. I couldn’t really breathe but I thought, ‘well okay, this is just nothing, you know, I can make it,'” Cormier added.

By Thursday, he knew something was very wrong.

“A ten-minute walk to my school took about 30 minutes to get there because I couldn’t breathe. It was so hard to breathe,” Cormier told News Ten.

That was only the beginning of his symptoms.

“Thursday comes. I wake up sweating, and my home is not hot. We have air-conditioning. We have fans. We have windows. It’s a very cool home,” Cormier said.

By Thursday night, he had also developed a dry cough and felt unusually tired.

That night, he called Spain’s coronavirus hotline.

“A medical professional told me, ‘stay inside. Do not leave. Stay in quarantine.’ So Thursday night until now I’ve pretty much been in bed,” Cormier said.

Although he was not tested, doctors told Cormier it sounded like a mild case of coronavirus.

“If you are over a certain age or under a certain age, they don’t test you because even if they test you, the advice is still the same, to stay at home,” Cormier added.

That’s what he did. Wednesday, March 18, marks the sixth day of his recommended 15-day self-quarantine.

He says his symptoms are going away on their own.

“About a week ago is when it first started, so I rested all weekend,” Cormier said. “Now I actually feel very, very good. I actually feel like I can run a marathon now, but I’m not going to run a marathon.”

Cormier said he did not experience a soar throat or a runny nose, symptoms he says many people associate with the coronavirus.

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