LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – There’s been an active construction site at Kaliste Saloom and E. Broussard Roads since late October.

The Lafayette Consolidated Government is spending $14 million to redirect part of Kaliste Saloom road and build a roundabout at E. Broussard Road.

Mark Lavergne is an LCG civil engineer and the project manager.

“The project site in front of us was pretty heavily wooded when we got here and, of course, one of the main considerations is Isaac Verot Coulee,” said Lavergne as he stood on Kaliste Saloom Rd. across from the Grand Pointe Apartments. “Drainage in this area is very sensitive.”

An existing section of Kaliste Saloom will remain but the traffic light at E. Broussard will be removed.

Drivers will only be able to make a right turn from Kaliste Saloom onto E. Broussard. A new section of Kaliste Saloom is being built east of the current section of roadway.

“So from this point here at Grand Pointe Apartments, we’re basically starting to peel off, through this route in the trees here,” Lavergne said.

LCG is also realigning the Isaac Verot Coulee. Crews dug out a small area to the east of the coulee. The water will be diverted through it before making a turn back into the current path. 

The new section of Kaliste Saloom Road will also have a brand new bridge going over the new section of coulee. It will be four lanes with sidewalks, 464 feet long, and be similar to the bridge on Camellia Boulevard.

Lavergne said engineers designed the coulee improvements so that there will be no increase in water surface elevation.

“The rerouting of the channel here is mostly to accommodate the bridge that we’re going to be putting in to make a better fit with the bridge,” Lavergne explained.

Once drivers get over the bridge, a new roundabout will await them at E. Broussard Road.

“In three legs it’s a single lane roundabout like everyone’s used to. In one of the legs there’s a double lane coming through the intersection and that’s mostly to increase capacity,” said Lavergne.

Depending on weather, the project should be completed in late 2019 or early 2020.

This is actually the third phase of the Kaliste Saloom widening project.

LCG has already spent $10 million installing new water and sewer lines and stormwater drains.