There are new developments in a story we first told you about last week.

Neighbors say AT&T and Gulfgate construction were digging on Omega and Merida Dr. in Lafayette when a water line was cut and caused massive flooding.

“The communication with ATT&T is totally absent. There’s been zero,” says neighbor Jan Hiatt.

Neighbors say they were looking forward to a response to their unanswered questions.

“Word got out in the neighborhood that there was going to be a meeting to discuss these issues,” says neighbor Douglas Wright.

The meeting was scheduled at a neighbor’s house with representatives from both AT&T and Gulfgate construction.

“I think three confirmations that they would be here,” says Hiatt.

Hiatt says nearly 30 neighbors gathered in the home, only to be stood up by the representatives.

The process has now become frustrating to Hiatt and others in the neighborhood.

“Extremely. Extremely. You know this is all happening and we don’t know when or why…we didn’t know why to start with and I have no idea when they’re going to get to my yard,” says Hiatt.

“How far is this going to go?” says Wright.

The neighbors say they haven’t heard anything from the companies since.

They also say there are still markings in their yards that designate digging still to come.

Jan Hiatt has markings in her yard and she says she doesn’t know why.

“And nobody else does either, they just show up so…” says Hiatt.

KLFY attempted to reach out to the representatives but received no response.