Neighbors speak out after rash of car break-ins


Several recent car burglaries in Jennings have some community members on high alert.

“Inside those cars were money and guns that were stolen. We’ve had apporximately three to four guns stolen in the neighborhood in the past few weeks,” says Police Chief Sanny Semmes.

Residents like Jeremy Ambrose tell News 10 they are tired of falling victim and are ready to feel comfortable in their own homes again, “We had one of our vehicles burglarized probably about two, three weeks ago. It does make us uneasy that we have to worry about our personal belongings. We have to really watch after our stuff.”

Others, like Scott Cormier, say they’ve taken precautions, but the burglaries haven’t stopped, “We have a street light in our yard and we have all of the lights on outside the house, and they come here with all the lights on. They’re not scared.”

Chief Semmes tells us the police department is determined to protect residents and their belongings, “I just want to assure the public and residents of Jennings that we are working on the case. We’ve stepped up patrols in the neighborhoods and investigators are working diligently to uncover a suspect.”

Along with the extra police patrol, community members are also watching out for each other.

Cormier says they have one message for those terrorizing their neighborhood, “Let the criminals know we’re not just going to stand by and let them take our stuff.”

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