Neighbors concerned after overnight deadly shooting in Eunice


“It’s very scary because you don’t know if they’re going to be shooting at you or your kids or whoever.” 

Dorris Hebert lives a few doors down from where the shooting happened. She says she hasn’t lived in the area long, but tells News 10 during that time she’s heard plenty of shots fired around her home.

She says her biggest concern after these shootings is for her family, “The stray bullets can hit some innocent people and God forbid it be my little granddaughter.”

That concern is causing her to want to pack up and leave the neighborhood, but since she can’t, a big worry right now is that the suspect responsible for this murder hasn’t been caught.

“God knows where he’s at, if he’s real close to you, or hiding in a shed in the back of your house. It’s like you stay nervous and tense all night,” said Hebert.

But Police Chief Randy Fontenot says there’s no need to worry, “I think this was a targeted shooting so I don’t think it’s the type of crime that would be cause for concern for anybody else’s safety in the city at this time.”

He says in order to find who’s responsible more quickly, they need the public’s help, “We’re asking anybody that might have information or might be able to provide some credible information to please call the police department and let us know if you’ve heard anything.”

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