My car was flooded during recent storms in Louisiana. Am I covered?


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Many cars were flooded during this week’s storms across Louisiana. What do you do if you’re car was underwater? It depends on your car insurance policy.

“45% of our policies in Louisiana for auto insurance are minimum limits liability policies,” said Jim Donelon, Louisiana insurance commissioner. “That’s what law requires you have in place. 45% of the drivers have that coverage. It does not cover flooding damage.”

Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelan says you need to check to see if you have the right kind of car insurance policy. He says policies that include comprehensive coverage will take care of a flood claim, minus the deductible. However, if you only have the state minimum coverage, and your car was flooded, you’re out of luck.

“You sell it for a salvage value. That’s all you can do. You can’t repair it. If the car is totaled, they can’t sell it to someone who can repair it and put it back in service. They have to have that car destroyed,” said Donelon.

If your car is in a flood, and the water gets inside the car, then it could be totaled. Donelan says that’s usually when the water gets as high as the driver’s seat. When water gets into a vehicle’s intake, where air flows through, it could cause engine problems. When water touches electronic systems in the car, those systems could fail. Rust and mold that typically occurs later.

If you have questions about your car policy, call your insurance agent, or contact the Louisiana Insurance Commission.

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