(KLFY)- It was a story that shook the city of New Iberia.

It was the death of a high school football player, the son of a school board member.

And now, the person charged with his murder is wanted in an alleged school bus attack.

“His type of people, him, they have no boundaries, clearly,” says Raymond “Shoe Do” Lewis.

Old wounds have reopened for one New Iberia family.

The Lewis’ are still grieving the loss of their youngest child, Garon.

On Friday, one of their son’s alleged killers allegedly attacked again.

“This is one of the guys charged in the murder of my son and look where he’s at now. He’s moved from killing, to going on school buses with 2nd and 3rd grade students, terrorizing and beating,” Lewis said.

Lewis’ 17-year-old son Garon was a high school senior.

He was found shot to death in a parked car in New Iberia in August, 2019.

Two months later, 33-year-old Travis Layne was charged in connection to Lewis’ murder, along with a slew of other charges.

And now, Layne is accused in the recent attack of an Iberia Parish bus driver.

“When I saw the text that came from my daughter, if I was a rocket, I’d still be in the galaxy. That’s how angry and upset I was,” Lewis said.

In the video obtained exclusively by News Ten, we see the alleged attack up close.

Lewis says the whole situation is tragic and heartbreaking for everyone involved but believes this could have been prevented.

“When is enough, enough. Judges are letting these people out. He has a history.”