IBERIA PARISH, La. (KLFY)- A New Iberia man accused of attacking his child’s bus driver was released from jail on a murder charge only four weeks before the assault, according to court records.

Police say Travis Layne Jr. and his girlfriend attacked the bus driver at the wheel while 13 school children watched in horror.

Video captures attack on bus driver

The attack left the bus driver bruised and bloodied in the hospital.

Authorities say the bus driver had disciplined Layne’s child the day before the attack and is likely the motive behind the assault, however, police say the bus driver was not seen getting physical with the student.

The child’s father, Travis Layne Jr., is charged in the 2019 killing of 17-year-old Garron Lewis.

He was arrested in October 2019 and has been sitting behind bars for conspiracy to commit second-degree murder for over a year.

In January 2021, he was released, and just four weeks later, police say he attacked this bus driver.

Court records News 10 uncovered show the murder suspect was able to walk about of jail after a judge lowered his bond $900,000, but it was not slow process.

When Layne was arrested for Lewis’ murder in 2019, his bond was set at over $1 million, but it didn’t stay that high for long.

Five months later, a judge reduced his bond to just $400,000, and three weeks after that, his bond was reduced to $250,000.

Layne and his family said they still could not pay the bond, according to court documents, and his attorneys kept pushing.

In September 2020, the judge agreed to lower his bond for a fourth time to only $100,000.

Layne bonded out of jail on this reduced bond in January 2021, and only four weeks later, authorities say he put his child’s bus driver in the hospital after attacking her on a school bus.

He is now fleeing arrest, as police have issued an arrest warrant for second-degree battery, battery on a school teacher, interference in the operation, terrorizing, aggravated obstruction of a highway, and criminal trespassing.

The judge said she agreed to lower Layne’s bond so many times because COVID-19 kept delaying Layne’s trial, documents show.

Records say she also chose to lower his bond because the other seven men charged in Garron Lewis’ death had already been released on a lowered bond.

Layne’s girlfriend, Neshana Collins, was also charged in the the attack on the bus driver. She turned herself in last week.