LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Attorneys for the family of Trayford Pellerin filed a federal lawsuit against the Lafayette Police Department, ten of their officers and the Lafayette Consolidated Government Monday.

“This is the first legal step that the family has taken to empower themselves, to get justice for Tray,” attorney Ronald Haley said.

The Pellerin’s stood side by side with their attorneys to make the announcement.

“Today is an important step in the process of getting all of the answers, and for the Pellerins themselves, to hold those responsible for Trayford’s death accountable,” Haley added.

“This is an imporant day for the Pellerin family. This is the first day they’ve been actually able to stand up and speak for themselves. Many questions have not been answered. We have plenty of questions, but we don’t have plenty of answers. The family has been forced to do this today,” Attorney Chase Trischell said.

The attorneys say one of the answers the they’re hoping to get is whether or not Trayford was holding a knife at the time he was shot and if deadly force was necessary.

The attorneys also say there are forty videos of the fatal shooting, including body camera and dash cam footage, yet only one of those videos was released.

“We come today after filing a federal lawsuit because we don’t have answers. This lawsuit will enable the family and the attorneys and the community, the protesters, and everybody here in Lafayette and around the country to get answers to the questions that the family rightfully deserves,” Trischell added.

The attorneys say they also hope this lawsuit will affect policy change in the Lafayette Police Department and other law enforcement agencies around the state.