LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Logan Angelle says she went to Northside High School this week to meet with the principal and file a report on a faculty member who she says used hurtful and inappropriate language toward her son at a high school football game.

After her meeting with Principal Julia Williams, Angelle was arrested by Lafayette Police and charged with assault on a schoolteacher.

She says she feels she was wrongfully arrested for the incident.

“I am here because I just don’t think I deserve that charge, disturbing the peace, I will take that but assault on a teacher, I did not do that.”

Braylon Angelle is her son and says he was attempting to video a promposal for his friends when the teacher stopped him and began using foul language.

” I didn’t deserve that. It was embarrassing but I was glad that they had parents there in the stands and a lot of people to witness it.”

While not physically present at the same Logan Angelle says upon hearing the news she rushed to be at her son’s side.

She says she never touched anyone to get the assault charge and is frustrated about how she was not able to get her point across and believes she is innocent of assault.

“Although I can come off as intimidating, I understand I am a very verbal person, please understand the reasoning behind it. Let’s be ethical. What about your morals? Let’s think about what’s really right and what’s wrong.”

She was booked into the jail and the same day released on a $250 bond.

Northside High School had no comment on the incident.