LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Moncus Park is going to look different in the coming months and the foreseeable future.

The park is going under construction in the fall thanks to the Schumacher Family Foundation.

“The Schumacher Family Foundation gave a matching donation which means that for every dollar that we raise from now until the end of the year they’re going to match it with up to a half a million dollars,” says Director of Philanthropy Kelly Courville.

The matching donations are being done now to give the public enough notice to make an impact.

Executive Director of Moncus Park Elizabeth Brooks says the focus of the construction will be on the front of the park.

“We really have amazing features that are coming like a dog park. Some revenue generating elements; mini golf, a carousel, lots of walking trails. One of the other things that I am most excited about is the tree houses,” says Brooks.

In order to make these amenities happen and keep them in good shape, the park is hoping for doubled donations until January 1st.

“We have the dollars that we need to start construction. We’re going to be getting with the infrastructure but we’re going to be raising money for this park for years because we want to make sure that we have the dollars needed not only to build the park but to keep it in good shape for eternity,” says Courville.

In you are interested in donating, visit the Moncus Park website.