NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY)- Three New Iberia men are being called heroes after saving an elderly man trapped inside his burning home Tuesday.

“I was right here, beating on the wall just trying to find out where he is. I just heard a faint voice, and the gentleman said that he cannot get out,” Gerard Duhon said.

It was a Tuesday like any other until Gerard Duhon, Dre Gary and Johnny Barnes saw flames skyrocketing into the air, the roaring fire nearly drowning out the sounds of a woman screaming for help.

“I saw the flames coming out the door and over to the top of the house,” Gary said.

“I dove right in and had to get out because of the smoke,” Barnes added.

The men knew if they went inside, they may not come back out.

“It was really a scary moment because you know, we had this person screaming for help,” Barnes said.

“We were all three breaking out the windows, hollering for the gentleman, banging on the walls of the trailer trying to get a response,” Duhon told News 10.

As flames barreled towards the back of the home, they knew it wouldn’t be long before the fire engulfed the entire building with the man trapped inside.

“We just started tearing the side of the trailer out, and that’s when we saw him when the wind came through, and we found him in the tub,” Duhon said.

“All I saw was his hand and all of that smoke. I didn’t even know it was a tub,” Gary added.

Just as they found the man and reached for his hand, firemen arrived.

Together, they pulled the man clinging to life out of the flames and smoke.

Some are calling the men heroes, but they humbly give the praise to God.

“It’s nothing but God that helped this man survive this fire. It’s unbelievable,” Barnes said.

The man is alive and is being treated at a hospital.