KAPLAN, La. (KLFY) At just 2 years old, Ammo is the Kaplan Police Department’s first full-time K-9.

Kaplan Police Chief Joshua Hardy says Ammo will work the streets of Kaplan to help fight crime and rid the streets of drugs.

“I feel a full-time canine could help deter more of the drug problems in our town.”

He said the department makes several drug arrests every month.

“Back when I took office from July 2018 to January 2019, we made 135 drug arrest, and since then, it’s grown,” said Chief Hardy.

“I said that’s one of the main problems we have in our town is drugs.”

When he started in office four years ago, Chief Hardy said that having a full-time K-9 was one of his goals.

He says before the department only had part-time K-9.

“He can search for narcotics, and he can track people. If somebody is running from the police, he can run their track and find them and locate them.”

A unique thing about Ammo is he only listens to commands in German.

“Oust” is a command his handler Patrolman Casey Landry says means to let go of something.

“I’ve been doing this since I was 17. I grew up with it. My father has been canine since 2014, so I just traveled and followed in his footsteps.”

Ammo will be staying with Landry to help with his training. They will work together at nightside.

“I love dogs, love animals, keeping the community clean, taking drugs off the streets,” Landry said.

“I will take him to work when I need. Keep him. He’ll be perfectly fine with me at home.”

For now, Ammo is the only K-9, but the department hopes to have more in the future.