NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY)- A 9-year-old New Iberia boy is thriving after surviving a car accident that crushed the left side of his skull.

His family chalks it up to oxygen therapy.

We share his recovery in a story you’ll see only on News 10.

Every school night, Curtis Davis is in his hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Nearly a year and a half later, he is still recovering from a car accident that almost took his life.

“People say that’s your worst nightmare as a parent, and it truly was,” Adrienne Davis, Curtis’ mother, said.

“The left side of his skull was crushed,” the boy’s father, Brad Davis, said. “When they got to the hospital, his brain was swelling so they did an emergency craniotomy, where they removed that part of his skull to allow that part of his brain to swell.”

The car accident left Curtis unable to walk, talk or even see.

As shown in this video, Curtis couldn’t see his brother and sister but he knew they were there.

“The problem with brain injuries is nobody really knows,” Adrienne said. “The doctors couldn’t tell us how he was going to end up and that’s really all we wanted to know.”

It wasn’t until three months after the accident, Curtis was able to talk again.
He then began hyperbaric oxygen treatments – five days a week.

“I have to get in this little spaceship thing that zips up and then oxygen puts air in it that blows it up like a balloon,” Curtis said.

His parents mike and Adrienne say the treatments were so successful Curtis was able to begin third grade on time with the rest of his class – making all A’s and B’s.
His favorite subject? Science.

“Right now in science we are learning about continents, equators, lines of longitude, lines of latitude and stuff like that,” Curtis said.

“We’re definitely believers,” Brad said. “Not everything is going to work for everybody. but for us we feel like 100 percent it has worked.”

Curtis is also undergoing vision therapy and has a tutor to help him with his schoolwork.