LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- For many families not only in Louisiana but throughout the country…it is tough to make meals for their kids in a timely manner…at that a healthy one.

“Well when it comes to meal prep a lot of people are trying to eat on the go…trying to eat healthy with kids can be difficult but we have to learn how to be prepared and especially having containers such as these when you’re prepping because you want to be cognizant of your portion sizes,” says nutritionist Bianca Plant.

One meal prep option is could involve zucchini squash which could serve as a pasta substitute.

Plant says every meal should have one vegetable.

Or perhaps you are in the mood for some seafood.

Take some catfish and enjoy it with some quinoa, an alternative to white rice.

“I know we love our white rice in south Louisiana but it is a grain…a whole grain that is much healthier for you…also helps with digestion, ” Plant says.

She suggests the best time to prepare the meals for the week would be on Sunday.

There will be an adjustment period in what to and what not to eat, but Plant says that in the end, it is worth it.

“A lot of people just don’t know what to eat. They’re so used to getting fast food.They’re so used to getting things at the grocery store for years and don’t know how to change their diet. A lot of times we do things out of habit like eating whatever it may be and in Louisiana we have such good food but when you start to train your taste buds and your stomach to eat a little less…eat a little bit better you’ll feel better,” she explains.