Mayor-President says violence, threats won’t be tolerated in River Ranch


UPDATE: The mayor-president said Lafayette has a zero-tolerance policy for threats made against citizens and their property.

KLFY Reporter Neale Zerange spoke to him one on one just before Tuesday’s council meeting to ask why he felt the need to address the satirical post calling for uniformed card carrying antifa members to participate flag burnings and a takeover of the quote “elite” river ranch neighborhood.

He said a lot of people reached out to his administration concerned.

“This is Lafayette. This is not Seattle. We take all threats to life and property very seriously…and that type of chaos you see on national TV, you will not see that in Lafayette.”

The Mayor-President said these types of posts aren’t funny but they are reckless and dangerous.

He said the Lafayette Police Department will have a presence in River Ranch Saturday afternoon.

Guillory said they will be prepared to take all measures necessary.

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) A social media page with the name Cajun Memes has gotten the attention of Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory.

In an online post, Cajun Memes posted an event titled: ANTIFA Takes River Ranch,” at 4:20 p.m. Saturday.

The mayor-president’s reply read:

“In light of recent social media posts about the possibility of certain hate groups that intend to “complete takeover of the elite neighborhood known as River Ranch”. “Promoting a riot or any disorderly conduct, whether joking or a hoax, is irresponsible and reckless,” said Guillory.

“Here in Lafayette Parish, we have absolutely zero tolerance for threats made against our citizens or their property, and we will act accordingly to prevent these situations from happening,” he continued. Lafayette Police will monitor the situation closely and will take all necessary and appropriate measures.

He said police will monitor the situation closely and will take all necessary and appropriate measures.

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