Mayor-President Josh Guillory says protest outside his home ‘crosses a line’


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Mayor-President Josh Guillory has issued a statement following a staged protest outside his home where multiple people gathered Saturday and fired up a bar-b-que grill with hot dogs and hamburgers.

“Baby Trump. You don’t want to come to our neighborhood so we coming to yours,” protestor Tara Fogleman announced LIVE on Facebook.

“Our brother was shot in the back 11 times, in cold blood by the Lafayette Police Department,” Fogleman said. “Since he (Josh Guillory) don’t wanna come in our hood and talk about Trayford, we coming to his.” she said.

Fogleman is referring to the officer involved shooting a week ago when Trayford Pellerin was shot and killed as he walked away from police near a convenience store.

“We are not here to cause trouble, we are just here to make Josh Guillory feel as uncomfortable as we feel.”

In a late evening press conference at the Lafayette Police Department, Guillory responded to the protest.

“We had members of our community take it upon themselves and come to my house today and protest; that’s not protest, that’s public intimidation,” Guillory said.

“My wife and my children had to witness that.”

Guillory says while he supports free speech, he said an arrest was made and said actions like this should not continue to happen.

“We are all as a community mourning the loss of Treyford Pellerin… my heart goes out to his family. its a very unfortunate situation… but a protest outside my home crosses a line.”

Fogleman was arrested at the scene and charged with obstructing public passages and disturbing the peace.

Each charges carries a $100 bond.

Her LIVE Facebook post had over 10,000 views.

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