Mass shootings continue to rise across the United States


Although there is no broadly accepted definition of what a mass shooting is, the Gun Violence Archive defines it as “a single incident in which four or more people, not including the shooter, are shot and or killed at the same general time and location.”

Based on that definition, there have been 155 mass shootings in the United States in 2018. There’s been 31 mass shootings in August alone.

So although the location changes each time, the outcome of a mass shooting is always the same….. Lives are lost and people are hurt.

Now, local residents are saying enough is enough.

“Taking someone’s life and you have no reason or cause for it is just barbaric. I don’t understand why you would just go and shoot a place up because of your own views or how you feel about something,” Ja’Quincy Francis.

And Reeno Bergeron says that while she understands and supports the second amendment, she thinks that guns play a major role in the mass shooting problem, “As long as guns are actually permitted and they fall into the wrong hands, mass shootings are not going to stop.”

The Washington Post reports that of the mass shootings we’ve seen, at least 56% of the weapons were obtained legally.

Francis adds that background checks or mental health checks when purchasing a gun would maybe decrease the number of mass shootings.

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