A fight took place outside a local bar in Kaplan Saturday evening, and it was all caught on camera.

Kaplan Police have obtained warrant for 5 suspects involved in the beating of 35-year-old Alfred Mouton.

News 10’s Lester Duhe’ spoke exclusively to the victim. He joins us live from outside the Kaplan Police Department with the latest, Lester what’s his condition?

This fight took place at the Speak Easy Lounge on Guidry Street early Sunday morning. 

When Alfred Mouton, the victim tells News 10, a group of people starting jumping him when he left the club, for no apparent reason.

This video KLFY has obtained we’re about to show you, is of that fight, take a look.

Kaplan Police said one of their Patrol Sergeants found Mouton lying on the side of the road in the 300 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive early Sunday morning.

Mouton had been severely beaten, and initially didn’t know where he was, or what happened.

Police say Acadian Ambulance came and checked him out, then brought Mouton to his home.

Then the next day when he woke up, he and his father pressed charges.

“first it started off when i was on a concrete, and i was about to get the dude off me but he held my legs and let all them little females hit me on my head and stuff, and then all of the sudden i just couldn’t see. i just saw white and a white light, like a bright light, and i just couldn’t see nothing else.”

Mouton checked if he had a concussion when he went back to the hospital on Sunday, but did not.

He just has a ton of bruises, scrapes and can barely move his shoulders.

That video that you saw, was just released today — Police tell us they’ve already identified the 5 suspects they believe are responsible.

Police they say are obtaining 5 warrants for the suspects, they’ll be charged with felony charges of second degree battery and authorities look to have those suspects in custody by as early as Wednesday. 

If you have any more information, contact Kaplan Police.