LAFAYETTE, LA (KLFY) – Lafayette residents who claim workers trimming trees for LUS are improperly trimming trees on their property.  On Tuesday, concerned Lafayette residents voiced their concerns at a Town Hall Meeting.

The Director of Lafayette Utility System, Terry Huval says the utility system is strong because the trimming program removes trees limbs from power lines. Trimming provides the best impact towards the reliability of the system.  Huval says he heard the concerns of residents and will work towards a resolution.

The president of the Sterling Grove Neighborhood Association, Dr. Olivier Chatelain de Pronville of S.G.N.A describes how the trees have been trimmed in his neighborhood. “This tree used to be a canopy over the street and sidewalk, it brought shade, comfort, beauty and grandeur to Sterling Grove, you know,” says Dr. Chatelain de Pronville of Lafayette.

Dr. Chatelain de Pronville says he heard about the suspension of tree trimming services in the Saint Street areas and other Oak Tree populated neighborhoods — until something can be figured out. “Look how far it goes on one side, with nothing left to counterbalance on the other side. This tree used to bring shade over the street and sidewalk and now just half of it on the resident’s yard side is remaining,” explains Dr. Chatelain de Pronville.

Dr. Chatelain de Pronville appreciates LUS hearing the community’s concerns but says he hasn’t heard if the hold-off on cutting trees includes Sterling Grove.  He’s hoping it does because he’s unhappy with the work.  “You cut all the branches on one side of the trunk because there’s a powerline.  You leave everything on the other side and this tree with a lot of wind, because we’re in hurricane country, will fall on the house,” explains Dr. Chatelain de Pronville.

Huval says trimming services have been suspended in areas with the largest population of Oak Trees.  “The idea is just that by delaying that for a little while we can come back to it and come up with an arrangement that homeowners feel more comfortable with,” says Huval.

LUS explains that Sterling Grove wasn’t added to the suspension because trimming has already been completed in that neighborhood.  LUS says trimming will not happen again for Sterling Grove for several years.