LUS preparing for storm, encouraging customers to do the same


(KLFY) Louisiana always seems to be in the crosshairs during hurricane season.

In Acadiana, we know how to prepare for approaching storms, but here are a few reminders.

The first threat of hurricane season is strengthening in the gulf.

Tropical Storm Cristobal is moving toward the Louisiana coastline.

It’s hundreds of miles away, but Lafayette Utilities System is watching it closely.

“What we’re doing is going over reviewing our preliminary plans that we have. making sure lus…our trucks…our crews prepared to handle the event when the storm comes in, and after the storm as well.”

LUS says it’s important to be prepared.

Company leaders advise putting together an emergency kit — to include, food, bottled water, medication, a first aid kit, a flashlight and batteries.

Safely store important documents by placing them in something waterproof and make an emergency evacuation route.

Know where emergency shelters are near you and don’t forget your pets.

“Preparation and early preparation is the key so the earlier you prepare, the better it is, that number one, you’re not fighting the crowds as going to stores. Fighting for much needed supplies during that time. it’s also better that you will evaluate what you have in stock, and what you need to supply more on.”

Getting ready before a storm is important.

But you should be aware of the dangers after the storm has passed like staying away from downed power lines.

Staying away from water especially near circuit breakers or fuse boxes and watch for water, sewer, or natural gas leaks.

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