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LUS fiber celebrates 10 years of vision


Lafayette’s community-owned fiber optics system brings in $33 million a year and it’s growing.   On Tuesday, Lafayette Consolidated President Joey Durel will proclaim July “LUS Fiber Month.”  According to LCG, the proclamation is to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the public election, where citizens of Lafayette voted in favor of the issuance of bonds that officially laid the foundation of LUS Fiber.

LUS Fiber Director Terry Huval explains that LUS Fiber serves about 1/3rd of the number of serviceable homes and businesses in Lafayette. Since 2012, LUS Fiber has brought in enough revenues to pay all its operations costs and annual debt service on the bonds sold to build the system.

“When an international magazine comes out and says Lafayette is tied for 1st place for the fastest internet speed in the world along with Singapore, Tokyo … that’s not the kind of thing that happens by chance that takes a lot of hard work,” notes Durel.

Huval says last year, the system brought in over $4 million more than its costs. “Those high tech and high paying jobs other parts of the country were getting.  We now have given people a reason to take a look at Lafayette,” adds Durel.

Lafayette workers have access to a Telemedicine Clinic that uses fiber optic technology to video-internet a doctor into the workplace. Nurse White never imagine technology would extend this far. “With this attachment I can see in the ear drum better than with my own eyes,” says LCG Nurse Amanda White. “This came about with the aide of good technology. I do agree,” says Dr. Farha Khan of the Urgent Care Center at River Ranch.

The City of Lafayette has also received over $1.5 million in franchise fees from LUS Fiber.  Those funds help support the cost of providing city services, such as police and fire protection, says Huval.

“What we would like to say is that Lafayette is the city of the future today,” explains Durel.  LUS Fiber began serving residential customers in 2009, and business customers in 2010.

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