LSU Eunice to begin phase 3 of reopening Monday


(LSU Eunice Press Release)

Effective tomorrow, Monday, June, 15, 2020 the LSU Eunice campus will move into Phase 3 of reopening. The main addition to this phase will be the reopening of campus to students and the public – on a limited basis

As outlined below, departments are encouraged to have these two groups of people on the LSUE campus by appointment only to minimize the volume of people at one time.

If there are multiple people trying to be serviced at the same time, it is recommended that the LSUE staff take a contact number and have people wait in their vehicle until called to come in or reschedule for another time.

A reminder to all those visitors to the LSUE campus – mask use is encouraged at all times, as well as following proper social distancing guidelines. In addition, OGH Well Smart is open to accepting patients. A specific screening and appointment protocol has been established by clinic personnel to limit exposure and still provide medical services.

At this time, LSUE’s police and security, grounds crew, custodial staff and athletic department are fully on campus while practicing physical distancing requirements. The LSUE cabinet and office staff are also on campus, but with remote work and staggered schedules still optional. Faculty have access to campus and are encouraged to continue remote work during the summer semester, which is fully online this year.

You can find the full guidelines of the Phase 3 reopening by the LSUE Task Force below.

1. Effective Dates: June 15, 2020 through TBA

2. Physical Distancing required by state, city parish orders will be followed

3. Goal of this phase is to further bring back critical and designated personnel in a broader yet still limited capacity

4. Campus is open to the students or public on a limited basis. Departments are encouraged to do so through appointment process, when possible, to be determined by individual departments, department heads and/or administrative supervisors.

5. Use of masks for students or visitors is encouraged.

6. Encouraged to use appointments for in person meeting with students and/or public.

7. Walk-ins to be determined by individual departments with following considerations to be taken:

8. If simply dropping off documents etc.

9. If no other appointments with students, persons being conducted at the time.

10. If a number of students, persons being served at the time:

11. Taking a contact number and having them wait in their vehicle until called to come in

12. Or, setting appoint for another time.

13. Remote/virtual/phone meetings for contact with students, perspective students, etc., is always still an option when possible.

14. OGH Well Smart open to accept individuals. A specific screening and appointment protocol has been established by clinic personnel to limit exposure and still provide medical services.

15. Overview

16. For at risk personnel, remote work is recommended when possible

17. Police/Security (100% with adherence to physical distancing requirements)

18. Grounds crew (100% with adherence to physical distancing requirements)

19. Custodial staff (100% with adherence to physical distancing requirements)

20. Athletics (100% with adherence to physical distancing requirements)

21. Cabinet members (on campus, remote work still an option)

22. Office staff (up to 100% – on campus (remote work and /or staggering work days still optional)

23. Faculty (remote work – access to campus – to be determined by departments and administrative supervisor)

24. Physical Distancing Requirements

25. For at risk personnel, remote work is strongly recommended, if possible

26. Campus sponsored activities will be virtual (limited exceptions made on case by case with permission by the Task Force Chair and/or Chancellor)

27. In person meetings in groups with 50 or less persons approved with approval by Task Force Chair and/or Supervisor. Social distancing directives must be applied.

28. Buildings accessible during normal business hours as previous to shut down; some offices may remain closed

29. Gathering spots remain closed

30. Face coverings should be worn by employees when the job or circumstances put them within 6 feet of others

31. If working remotely, could be told to return to work on campus during any phase

32. Key Factors

33. Returns employees to work safely and slowly

34. Mitigates risk of resurgence

35. Protects the most vulnerable

36. ALL UNITS SHOULD BE PREPARED to adjust, including retuning to remote work environment, if the situation changes

37. Directives

38. Employees must maintain physical distancing and proper hygiene:

39. Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

40. Use hand sanitizer, at least 60% alcohol, if soap and water are unavailable

41. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands 

42. Wear face coverings when the job or circumstances put you within 6 feet of others

43. Encouraged provide own mask if possible

44. 1 cotton material, washable/reusable mask per employee can be provided if needed

45. Increase frequency of cleaning; strictly follow disinfection protocols

46. If sick, stay home

47. Temperature Checks before coming to work; Temperature checks on campus as determined by unit

48. Physical distancing and personal hygiene regulations apply

49. LSUE will strictly adhere to CDC guidelines for confirmed or suspected cases/contacts

50. Anyone who has been exposed to COVID-19 must:

51. Stay home

52. Notify the established LSUE Human Resources of exposure

53. Be cleared for return to campus through LSUE Human Resources

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