LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- Lafayette Parish School System is working now to make sure students receive an education safely in the fall.

The school system is weighing three options for the Fall 2020 school year.  

Public Information Officer, Allison Dickerson, says, “These are just scenarios that we are considering because we do want to have plans in place depending on what the outlook is on the pandemic.”

Option 1: All students and staff would be on campus. 

“That is the best choice. That is what we are hoping for,” Dickerson continues.

Option 2: A hybrid between traditional and online learning.

It would allow students to alternate days inside the classroom.

“A day and B day where smaller groups of students would be on campus and alternating days, then have online learning at home,” adds Dickerson.

Option 3: A complete remote and online learning experience, like we had in the spring.

“We could go completely online and have students have to do learning from home,” Dickerson explains.