LPSS anticipates slight increase in state funds per student


The Lafayette Parish School System anticipates a slight increase in the amount of state money it gets per student. In addition, the state recommends the money be used for a dedicated teacher and support worker pay raise.

Chief Administrator Officer Joe Craig says the projected allocation per student is anticipated to ring in at $4,015; a slight increase from $3,961.

According to the State Department of Edcuation, under the Minimum Foundation Program Louisiana annually adopts a formula to equitably allocate funding for education to school districts. 

“It’s tied to our effort to fund schools locally but it compares you to other districts that are funding schools locally,” Craig said.

Craig says some state money often follows the student. That’s partly why when the charter schools opened in Lafayette Parish, the state lowered the amount it gives to the school system. Craig says that loss has since stabilized.

“At this point we really don’t have a loca high school charter. So most of those kids when they finish the 8th grade they either need to come to a public school or one of the parochial schools.” Craig added.

Wednesday’s agenda calls for the board to vote on whether to follow the state’s recommendation to divide the increase between a dedicated teacher and a support worker pay raise.

“It’s more money available for teacher salaries, more money available for additional teachers and it directly affects the student because those are materials and instruction funds,” Craig noted.

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