LPSO: Be aware of firearm-free zones ahead of protest in Lafayette


A firearm-free zone encompasses a 1,000 foot radius of a public or private school, and the University of Louisiana Lafayette. Parc Sans Souci, where the protest by black militia group NFAC will be held on Saturday, is not within one of those zones. However, if you go down half a block on Vermilion Street or Polk street, from the park, the zone starts.

“If someone does have a firearm in that zone, they’re going to be told to leave that area immediately,” said Captain John Mowell, of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office. “If they don’t leave, then it will go on from there.”

NFAC plans to protest the shooting death of Trayford Pellerin, who was shot and killed by Lafayette Police in August.

The group is lead by John Fitzgerald Johnson, also known as Grandmaster Jay. He and Louisiana congressman Clay Higgins have been engaged in a war of words over a Facebook post by Higgins. In it, Higgins warned an armed presence would be a “one way ticket” and he’d “drop any 10” where they stand.

Grandmaster Jay stated one of the reasons his men are coming is to get a public apology from Higgins. Even though the two men have spoken, it appears there’s been no resolution.

NFAC applied for a permit to protest. Captain Mowell says the sheriff’s office, Lafayette Police, and Louisiana State Police will be there to protect public safety.

To view a map of the firearm-free zones in Lafayette Parish, click here.

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