Tuesday morning some Delcambre residents were woken up by the smell of dead fish and found hundreds of dead fish floating in the canal.

Erica Caston lives and works out of the Delcambre canal, she says she’s never seen anything like yesterday.

“They are here one day and gone the next, I haven’t witnessed anything like this before so it’s shocking to me,” she says.

Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries ran multiple water test yesterday after finding the fish.

“It definitely it was the low dissolved oxygen levels that caused the kill,” says Jody David with Wildlife and Fisheries.

He says these fish kills aren’t uncommon with afternoon showers during the summer, especially south of Lafayette where the water temperature is about 85 degrees.

“When you get a rain event and it drops the cool water down, it turns out water over and it gets oxygen that deplete and stress the Fish out, and every once in a while you’ll get a kill,” says David.

Organizers of the Delcambre seafood and farmers market say they have cleaned fish from the docks at the pavilion today.

The farmers market scheduled for September 1 will go as planned.