In partnership with a New Orleans-based artist, Louisiana’s own Swamp Pop Sodas is launching a new art series.

What’s unique about this particular series is that it will benefit coastal restoration efforts

Swamp Pop Sodas is a pop that uses true Louisiana sugar cane in its product. By Louisiana roots being a large part of its ingredients, the organization has a true appreciation for the state’s soil. That is why which the organization is giving back.

Swamp Pop Soda organizers came across an Instagram post by New Orleans-based artist Nora Patterson. Patterson incorporated a spoon-bill bird and a flavor of the swamp pop sodas collection. Swamp Pop owners were searching for ways to somehow give back to the community. They reached out to Patterson and decided to incorporate each other’s work, create an entire poster series and give all the proceeds to coastal restoration efforts.

“We loved it and the people who saw it loved. And so, fast-forward a few months later we were trying to come up with some ideas on how we could give back,” said Co-founder and co-owner John Petersen.”

“What occurred to us is hey why don’t we see if we can partner with Nora and extend this series of art pieces. Do one for all six of our flavors. We can sell them as posters. We can send all the proceeds of those sales to a coastal restoration effort,” he added.

The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana is where all of the proceeds are going.

“Swamp Pop Sodas may not be exactly what Swamp Pop Sodas would like to be. So, the fact that companies are taking initiatives upon themselves and really getting involved,” said Communications Director for Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, Jerry Frederick.

“Even if it’s in seemingly small ways. There’s no such thing as a small effort here. Every little bit helps and um we can’t wait to drink some swamp pop sodas I can tell ya that,” Frederick added.

Swamp Pop will launch one design for sale online, beginning today and last throughout April 18th. Today they are unveiling their first series design, File root beer.

Visit, to purchase posters and be a part of the initiative.