LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Many are planning to bring in the new year’s holiday with a bang. Danger may not be a part of anyone’s plans but if you’re not responsible your celebration may end in disappointment.

“The best resolution you can have by all means is staying safe behind that wheel, mentioned State Trooper Thomas Gossen

It’s impractical to assume people will bring in the new year sober. As expected, holiday parties and get-togethers are planned and will involve alcohol consumption. However, state police are encouraging residents to be responsible by not driving impaired.

He suggest using, “Uber, Lyft, a designated driver or hiring someone to drive you around.”

Gossen says driving impaired does not only relate to alcohol consumption, but drugs also.
Law enforcement will heavily patrol for the new year holiday across the state. Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over will be in full effect.

“Even if it’s a prescription that does not alleviate you from being charged with a DWI. You can still be charged for the impairment”, said Gossen

In 2020, Troop 1 calculated close to 200 people were injured or killed in alcohol-involved crashes throughout the year. Statewide the number reached mid 800s. This year those numbers have climbed to nearly 950 fatalities statewide. However, Gossen says those injured but still alive are just as crucial.

“An injury can be just as devastating to a family because it can be a life-changing injury of some sort.”

Gossen says the consequences of driving careless range from receiving a ticket to being arrested.