VERMILION PARISH, La. (KLFY) – A man from Vermilion Parish is on top of the world. Haiden Richard recently won the 2021 World Championship Duck Calling Contest.

“It’s unreal,” said Richard. “It’s surreal. It’s something you chase. Some people don’t understand it, but for us it’s something we’ve been chasing for years and years in just trying to win.”

Richard is from Erath. He works in construction sales and owns a guide service. He says he’s tried since 2010, going to competitions, practicing over and over, to one day become the best of the best.

“I like to duck hunt. My dad grew up a duck hunter. He always brought me duck hunting. Raised me duck hunting. I just like to blow duck calls. It became something I was good at and competitive at. I love being competitive. That’s what started it,” said Richard.

On Nov. 27, Richard won the 86th World Duck Calling Championship, held in Stuttgart, Ark., earning the title out of 55 competitors.

“Some of these champions, the first thing they did when I won was welcome to the club. A world championship club. It’s cool as hell. I love it,” said Richard.

The last time a person from Louisiana won the World Championship Duck Calling Contest was 1953.