Louisiana Creole and Cajuns: What’s the difference?


The world knows the 8 parish area of Acadiana as Cajun Country.  

That’s largely attributed to a campaign launched in the 1980’s marketing Lafayette as the heart of Cajun Country.

That campaign also included the history of the many cultures that make up Southwest Louisiana, including the populated Creoles.

Cajun and Zydeco musician Richard Lebouef says people have a misconception that only people who speak French, are Cajun.

Lebouef knows all about the Cajun culture.  He’s a cajun and country musician who takes his Accordian and band two step on the road from Acadiana to the world.

He’s a native son, proud of his heritage.

Lebouef says “the way we cook, the way the dress, the music they like hasn’t evolved for over 250 years. that’s why we sound like this.”

A good gumbo is as South Louisiana as it gets.

Lebouef says everybody knows gumbo came from Africa. He says we came here and learned their ways.

When asked, if you had to distinguish between what is Cajun and what is Creole, what would it be?

Lebouef says do you know what a melange is? A melange is a mixture.  if you look deep enough you’ll see that a Creole is a person of mixed color, race, culture. we have some of both on both sides of mine.

For Leboeuf, Acadiana, with its Cajuns and Creoles, gumbo and crawfish, fais do -dos and festivals, this will always be home.

I think that the cultures co-exist very well. This whole place is a melting pot to find who we are.

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