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Louisiana Cajun Navy addresses rescue tactics


The Louisiana Cajun Navy is responding to accusations about rescuing storm victims in North Carolina using unauthorized methods. 

New Bern, North Carolina emergency officials are now saying they will respond to all calls for rescue and evacuation. That is directly from a Louisiana Cajun Navy Facebook post. 

News Tens reports, “As far as to your knowledge, you have not responded to any rescues if you will, through social media, correct?” 

Clyde Cain, CEO/Admiral of Louisiana Cajun Navy, says, “No ma’am, we got inundated with calls. We immediately shut it down and I was already on my way to the point in contact there in New Bern and when we met there, I got handed a piece of paper that had the address that they wanted us to go to. That’s what we responded to.” 

Cain says he and another member of his group attempted to launch their boats for rescues but were unsuccessful because of the dangerous weather conditions.  

“No one kicked us out of the city. No one was rude or any of that stuff,” Cain explains. “We are second responders… I remind everybody that we’re second responders to the first responders.” 

David Daniels, Police Lieutenant with the New Bern North Carolina Police Department, says they had problems where people who needed to be rescued were calling the Louisiana Cajun Navy instead of emergency officials. 

“We had folks contacting them through social media and they would turn around and contact us, so in short they were still contacting us, but it was getting third-party information and wasn’t necessarily all the information that we would need to complete a rescue. We certainly did appreciate and do appreciate all they’ve done for us,” adds Daniels. 

If residents need help, emergency officials say to contact them directly to coordinate assistance. 

Daniels says, “We certainly would like to coordinate all our efforts so that we can make sure that everyone’s accounted for and safe.” 

Both Daniels and Cain say the Louisiana Cajun Navy has not at all been turned away from New Bern. 

The group is in Wilmington, North Carolina and ready to return to New Bern if needed. 

To be clear, this is not about America’s Cajun Navy based out of Lafayette. This is the Louisiana Cajun Navy.

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