An Arnaudville women is in custody after being accused of stealing flowers, and other religious items from a cemetery in Cecilia. 
In December, residents noticed that flower arrangements had been missing at the Saint Joseph cemetery in Cecilia. One night, someone stopped the thief and posted a picture of her license plate on Facebook. 
Father Gregory Cormier of St. Joseph’s says the suspect, Rhonda LaGrange, was seen taking flower arrangements off of graves. There are several pictures of stolen on arrangements  LaGranges Facebook page. 
“People were recognizing flowers that had been taken during Christmas and the person was reusing the flowers and charging for the arrangements,” Father Cormier said. 
Investigators searched LaGranges home where they found stolen silk flowers arrangements, religious statues, vases, and other religious memorabilia.
“She was booked into the St. Landry Parish Jail on a charge of simple burglary which is a felony,” says Ginny Higgins with St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office. 
“People have taken many things before, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen where things have been taken and then re-sold to the public,” says Father Cormier. 
Since Friday, several other victims have come forward and reported thefts of flowers and other items from the cemetery that have occurred over the last three months.
If you or your family has anything missing you are asked to contact St. Martin Crimes Stoppers.