LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The Texas school shooting raises the same concerns that keep coming up after these tragic events.

News Ten spoke with a security expert who runs a safety academy in Acadiana that specifically trains for active shooter scenarios.

“I get asked why are you so protective of your family and kids,” said Joey Comeaux, safety and security coordinator at Coversix.

“My question is, why are you not? You should be asking why are you not more prepared.”

Comeaux runs Coversix, an active shooter response training company. The academy provides training for first responders, businesses and organizations, including individual schools in Acadiana, on how to respond to a violent intruder. He says the school shooting in Texas was tragic.

“My heart goes out the families, the victims, the first responders. It hurts more because there are things we could have done different. We still can,” said Comeaux.

He says easy access to a school campus is a soft target.

“It surprises me. We are in this day and age. Someone can get on to a campus and get inside a school so easily,” said Comeaux.

There have been 27 school shootings in the United States in 2022. That’s at least one school shooting per week. 27 people have been killed. 40 people have been injured.

Comeaux says everyone should know what to do in that situation. He preaches the acronym R.E.A.D., which means retreat, evade, aid, and defend.

“Retreat. Evade. Aid is a big lifesaving skill during an emergency. How to treat the injured. Defend is like a worst case scenario. It’s a last stand,” said Comeaux.

Comeaux says he’s been getting a lot of questions about arming teachers.

He says on paper it’s a great idea, but in reality it’s a terrible idea. He believes teachers don’t have the mindset to shoot at someone, like in the Texas situation, and he would never ask them to take on that responsibility.