Local Saints fans come together for “Who Dat Hustle”


It started as a “Hey what if…?” and now it’s on Youtube. 

One Lafayette group of Saints-watching pals led by their talented friend may have created the next rally song and dance for the “Who Dat” nation.

“I was just walking around the house singing ‘Can I get a who dat who dat’ and I thought oh that’s kinda catchy,” explains Melissa Stevenson, the songwriter behind the “Who Dat Hustle.”

Stevenson teaches music, she sings, and she wrote the song. 

The finished product was a family affair. 

Stevenson did vocals, her sister played sax and trumpet, and her husband played the other instruments and produced it… but that’s not all he did.

“He even did some rapping on the song,” she says.

So who are all the “Who Dats” in the video?

“The group in the video are just some crazy friends of mine my Saints friends we get together and watch the games and everybody’s just really fun and I knew they would be game for looking ridiculous in a video,” Stevenson says.

With the phenomenal season the boys in black and gold are having, Stevenson knows how important each of the players is so, naturally, she included their names in the song. 

And if you watch closely, you too can learn the “Who Dat Hustle”.

“I thought if each player had a different movement we could do kind of a line dance thing maybe people would catch on and want to learn it. It would be easy for people to catch on to and kids can do it, everybody can do it,” Stevenson says.

You can see the full video for “Who Dat Hustle” on Youtube

You can also download the song on Itunes or Amazon Prime. 

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