LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) The Lafayette Consolidated Government confirms that the governors orders will be followed when it comes to outside seating at restaurants. 

The order for establishments is to allow patrons to eat meals outside on the premises goes into effect Friday.

The state fire marshal says local government has the leeway to be more restrictive. 

“We have enough disposable masks for every employee for at least about the next month.  If it goes any longer we are going to go back to One Acadiana to help us out with some more masks,” Legends Owner and Operator Jared Doise said.

Doise says he’s using all precautions as ordered. 

“If someone goes into the bathroom, expectations are an employee goes in behind them with a little spray bottle of bleach or Lysol and wipe it down,” added Doise.

The general manager of Cafe 329, Todd Courville says the cafe has been deep cleaned and the staff is ready.

“This will give a new dimension to our problem that we have going on right now that could help some businesses get more business in,” Courville explained.

“We’ll be sectioning off some of the tables.  We’ll have to block off some of the tables,” Courville noted.

All Agave locations with outdoor seating will be open as well.

Owner Nidal Balbeisi says the downtown restaurant will also feature “social-distancing live entertainment” this weekend.

“It’s like you comIng to pick up your food and going home. The only thing is that we are going to have the door open, the outside side doors and rather than you go home you can dine in over here,” Balbeisi said.

The issued guideline is that table side service is not allowed.