Local Red Cross executive retires


After a hurricane struck close to his home, at the age of thirteen, Tony Credeur signed up as a junior volunteer to help out. Over forty years later, he said he never imagined he’d be retiring from the American red cross.

“I had other things I wanted to do as a grown up, but the more time I spent with the red cross that’s where I saw I wanted to continue my life.” said Credeur

Credeur has held over five positions with the Red Cross. He has assisted during every hurricane that has struck Louisiana since the 1960’s and says there is a reason he spent his entire life with the American Red Cross.

“The ability to help, and seeing the expression on people with true needs and seeing we were there to help them.” said Credeur

Credeur say’s he is excited to enjoy the perks of retirement. If asked, If he will ever fully stop volunteering his answer is simple.

“No. No, and I don’t see retirement as an end rather the next phase into it. If there’s a disaster or emergency I’ll be there. Otherwise I can say I think I’ll go fishing. Then I’ll come in and do my volunteering work.” said Credeur

Although, Credeur,  is technically retired, he says he plans on volunteering for the Red Cross as long as he possibly can.

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