This holiday season many are racing to the stores.

However, one local Raconteur is offering a much more personal gift: a book written for the readers you love. 

23-year old Olivia Savoie has a profession many may not know exist: Ghost writing, other wise known as life story writer. 

“I come into homes, listen and write their life story.” says Savoie.

The idea came after Savoie was helping a close relative. 

“My Grandmother always wanted to write her own life story, but she always had just stacks of paper. So I sat down with her and wrote it within a few weeks.” said Savoie. 

Olivia thought she would go into journalism, but says “there’s so many great stories here in Acadiana.”

Although the process can be extremely emotional, Savoie says she is honored that people open up to her and share their hardships with her.  

From memoirs to love stories, Olivia says writing for people is something she wants to do forever.

If you are interested in possibly giving a life story as a gift this season, click here.