Local pastors and the New Iberia Police Department plan to go door to door in 2019


In New Iberia local pastors and the Police Department are teaming up in the new year. They plan to go door to door in the community to give residents, pastors, and law enforcement the opportunity to meet and get to know each other. Through these efforts the group hopes that residents will build genuine relationships with the police, so that when things do go wrong there’s a mutual respect and they feel comfortable calling law enforcement. 

Its been about six months since the new Iberia Police Department started patrolling the city. There’s been less shootings in New Iberia this year and Rev. Zackary Mitchell tells News Ten the streets are quieter since the Police Department has come back to the city. “This was such an important piece for our city. People need to feel secure and I believe that a lot of folks here in new Iberia or really beginning to feel the change in the air,” says Rev. Mitchell. 

He says now is the time to continue building trust between residents and officers and that has to be done face to face by going door to door. That’s something local pastors have been doing since January. “We found out that there is a lot of hurting people out there. So this coming year our plan is to be in intensive with follow-ups,” says Rochester. 

The Police Department says will now join the boots on the ground mission for these follow up visits. “They want to establish trust with in the community. We haven’t had that before so this is a new area for us and we know that it’s going to take a lot of work, a lot of patients in order for people to have trust in the Police Department,” says Rochester. Rev. Mitchell says, “It’s going to be a great year. We are excited about it. I know for all of us we are using a two word rally cry. Go forward, that’s what we want to do we want to go forward.”

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